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Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Project
PSOD has been implementing Sustainable Community Based Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) including children affected by HIV and AIDS” which is funded by Stichting Kinderpostzegels Netherland (SKN) through Reproductive and Child Health Alliance (RACHA). The goal of project is to promote sustainable community based care and support for orphans and vulnerable children, including children affected by HIV/AIDS, in order to ensure their wellbeing, and their rights to life, protection, development, and participation. The beneficiary of project is Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and it has been implementing in two communes, one district in Kampong Cham province. The key stakeholders of the project include Provincial Health Department (PHD), Operational Health District (OD), Health Center (HC), Department of Education, Youth and Sport, Primary and Secondary School, Department of Women Affair (DoWA), Department of Social Affairs Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation, CC, CCWC, WCCC and Local Authority. The main activities as the following;
  1. Monthly Food Aid
The project worked closely with CCWC and local authority to rotation selected most vulnerable families to provide monthly food aid to the most vulnerable families and emergency needed social supports and emergency relief (house repairing, household materials, clothes, health, legal aid, referral supports). In addition; we also conducted home visit to provide psychological support to OVC households on school attendant of children, health care, sharing knowledge and information, birth registration, etc.
  1. Support School Material to OVC
To support children studying; the project collaborated with school director and local authority to select and provide schooling materials to OVC living in the poorest families.
  1. Child Club Meeting
The project collaborated with CCWC and village chief to establish children club in all targeted villages. It had a clear structure and its memberships are OVC and general children. It regularly held monthly meeting for knowledge sharing on some relevant topics in term of child rights, sanitation, domestic violation, etc. The project worked with school directors and teacher to select model students to work and share experiences on their studying to other club members. Moreover; during the meeting they could raise issues related to children for finding solutions and if they were not able to solve in the meeting; club leaders will bring those issues to raise during CCWC meeting.
  1. Child Club Training
To enable club leaders and model students to have enough capacity in leading the club; the project had strengthened and built capacity them on some topics which is related to their work in term of facilitation, leadership, organize meeting, minute writing, child rights, life skills, domestic violent, etc.
  1. OVC Caregivers Training
To improve the livelihood of OVC households; the project had collaboration with Department of Agricultural (DoA) and Department of Business to provide training to OVC caregivers on business plan, cash flow management, small business management and agricultural. 
  1. Self-Support Group Meeting
The project established Self Support Group in the target villages and OVC caregiver could do saving money, borrow money with minimum interest rate to do income generation activity. Moreover; they are also able to sharing experience in looking after children and economic, raising problem occurred in the community or families for finding solution.
  1. Mobilize Community Support (charity box)
Mobilize Community Support (charity box) could help to assist OVC who are in need. This activity is helpful in the community because it is used the collected money to save children or family when met difficulty.