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HIV/AIDS Flagship Project (SMART girl)
From 2013-present: PSOD has been implementing HIV/AIDS Flagship Project (SMART girl) which is funded support from USAID through Flagship Consortium (KHANA, FHI 360, PSI/PSK). The goal of HIV/AIDS Flagship project is to enhance the impact, reduce costs and improve effectiveness of national response through technical innovation and improvements in quality and capacity to deliver sustainable HIV services. The project is working with Entertainment Worker (EW) with the brand name calls SMART girl in Kampong Siem district and Kampong Cham town, Kampong Cham province. The key stakeholders include Provincial Health Department (PHD), Operational Health District (OD), PASP, Health Center (HC), Family Health Clinic (FHC), RHAC, SUN, NORAD, Entertainment Establishment Owners (EE owners), Department of Women Affair (DoWA), Department of Tourism (DoT), Local Authorities and other relevant stakeholders.  The key project activities are mentioned as the following;
  1. Outreach Education
Project staffs and OWs regularly conduct monthly outreach education activity to entertainment worker at hotspots or any other setting by using quarterly Strategic Behavior Communication (SBC) tool of HIV/RH program on an infection of HIV/STI and pregnancy for increasing knowledge of target group that is resulted in changing their behavior related to HIV/AIDS and STI infection especially unwanted pregnancy. To promote condom usage and safe sex with their partners and clients, condoms were demonstrated and free distribution to EWs.
  1. HIV Testing and Counseling by Finger Prick
Referring to NCHADS/HSS 2010 report, HIV prevalence of EWs who have more than 7 sexual partners a week is 13.9% and less than 7 sexual partners a week is 3.6% so that to get more EWs to do HIV testing and increase new case of HIV positive finding, in 2013 Flagship consortium collaborated with NCHADS to provide training on HIV testing and counseling by finger prick to Lay Counselor (NGO’s staff and Outreach Worker) that allow them to provide onsite service of HIV testing to EWs. In case there is reactive HIV, case management staff closely collaborates with CMA and CMC to refer confirmatory testing and then to register at Pre-ART/ART to receive ARV if the result shows HIV positive. 
  1. SMART girl club
SMART girl club is an innovation of HIV/AIDS Flagship project and it is the place that can provide many services to EWs including outreach education, HIV and Syphilis testing, family planning informed choice, special event, happy birthday celebration, KTV, beauty salon service, relaxing, STI and FP service referral, etc.
  1. FP/HIV Counseling
To increase knowledge of EWs on family planning/ birth spacing methods, FP/HIV counselor collaborate with Outreach workers and Field staffs to regularly conduct one to one or group counseling  on FP inform choice at hotspots, room rental or any other setting. Furthermore, to know about the demand on family planning, the project also interview them by using FP screening form to identify the unmet need of EWs then counselor can provide a comprehensive counseling on which methods that they prefer then keep follow up to refer to access the service at any health facilities.
  1. Referral to Health Care Service (STI screening & treatment) 
Regularly checking STI diagnosis is every important for Entertainment Workers because they can know about health status and receive treatment on time that make them healthy. In case of getting STI disease, it is also helpful if they can bring partner to check and receive treatment as well so that it can reduce an infection from each other.
  1. Social Condom Marketing
To ensure condoms are available and accessible for EW and their partners when they need; the project collaborated with EE owners and Meka at high risk venues to do condom social marketing by recruiting 40 Peer Sale Representatives and 5 street based vendors for condom distribution.
  1. Enabling Environment
To strengthen the collaboration with the relevant stakeholders, there are some meeting and workshop that is organized by PSOD in term of quarterly stakeholder meeting; Coordination and Sensitization Forum; invitation local authorities and health care service provider from national and at sub-national to supervision project activities. In addition, PSOD’s staff also reguluarly attend the meeting, training or workshop which is organized by relevant stakeholders such as Sub- Boosted CoPCT monthly meeting, Pro-HTWG monthly meeting...etc.