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Promote Citizen Engagement in Democratic Development Project (PROCEED II)
 Project Lunching  PSOD cooperated with Prey Chhor and Kong Meas District Administration to conduct Project Lunching at both target district at district level with 70 participants (17 women) of key Stakeholders including 1 provincial advisor infrastructure, 3 Pact staff, 1 PSOD support staff (ED), 42 DC and CS, 17 citizen representatives, and 5 non-project NGOs. The both of district administration and Phnom Srey Organization for Development agreed all term and condition in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the partnership to implement PROCEED II project (2016 to 2018). Community Mapping  PSOD coordinated with commune councils members, non-project NGOs such as Nak  Akphivath Sahakum (NAS), WATHNAKPEAP (WP) , Saving Group, and Cambodia Health Committee (CHC) to do the community mapping in 11 communes of Kong Meas District. Community mapping conducted in purpose 1)- to identify the conceptual knowledge and understanding of information dissemination 2)- to identify the mechanisms (means) that citizens receive information from the councilors  and 3)- to establish the effective information distribution strategy to support and improve the M/D and C/S councils’ information dissemination in the target areas. Through mapping process, project found that: -There are 43 of all commune/group/network in Kang Meas district. -33 citizen group/network were identifies and selecet to engage with project through acknowledged by the composition of citizens network from 11 commune authorities. Those groups are working focus on fishery/advocacy, saving, agriculture, education, lifelihood, religouse, water and sanitation, and health sectors. Through selecting process, NAS and WP are happy to introduce the existing citizen group who they are working with due to, they have potential to participate in the PROCEED-II’s activities. Those selected groups never engage in district’s activities before. Project found that, NGOs are working in Kang Meas have no communication and joint plan below even-though at commune and district level.  Awareness Raising Initiatives (AwR) PROCEED team provided technical coaching support to 21 (7F) CBO network leaders in Prey Chhor district and 8(3F) citizen leader in Kang Meas district. Citizen leaders and commune councils discussed and identified the topics for AwR. Those are: roles and rights of citizen, roles and responsibility of district councils, and use leaflet to disseminate district’s information. Moreover, CSs and citizen leaders developed work plan, schedule, and assigned tasks to lead AwR together.  As the result,  2CS/1F jointed AwR with 16/5F citizen leaders to lead 16 AwR to 783 (467 or 60% females) of citizens.  District Information Dissemination DIDWG meeting: Project met and coordinated with Prey Chhor DIDWG focal point 2 times to discuss on promoting district information to citizen. The meeting discussed on DIDWG status, challenges and solution, and develop action plan. As the result of meeting: DIDWG members agreed to broadcasting the same topics as PROCEED-I for loudspeaker; revise MD information; disseminate the MD’s loudspeaker in the specific importance events by using MD budget; use project budget to cover cost of printing MD leaflet. MD requests project to develop MD accomplishment documentation by publish the book and make the short video. Through discussion, project received the comment from MD council chief on the effective of leaflet. Mr. Meas Touk said, “Citizen uses phone number in leaflet to call me to complain on MD public services and request road reparation.”  District dissemination information: In Prey Chhor district, DIDWG focal Point, Ms. Phok Chantho disseminated district information 2 times in CS council public forum, printed 300 leaflet for distribute to communities people via council and governor’s activities directly and through cooperation with commune council.  In Kang Meas district, district council and district governor disseminated district information 2 times in CS council public forum. The topics of information dissemination are: district achievement, issues pending, district administration’s structure, services fee, and show the district information in the draft leaflet included MD staff phone numbers, service fee, responsible officer to solve the specific sectors, and encourage citizen to contact them through using the phone number in leaflet or meet directly.  Citizen Representatives used district leaflet as the tool to present to citizen attended in AwR and distributed to the. There are 294 citizen received leaflet in 8 AwR activities. Citizen leader explain citizen that “this leaflet is like your birth certificate. You will need it to contact and apply in your daily live.”. Project have conduct district on Information Dissemination Assessment at Kong Meas district by using the ID questionnaire provided from Pact. PSOD’s team interviewed 4 DC/1F, 5 CC/3F, 1 CBO/0F. There are 19 stakeholders more need to be interview. Project planed to interview July to meet the sample size require in Kang Meas. The result show that, citizen like (enjoy) listen information through microphone and information in leaflet, council request project to disseminate information to the remote villages, and suggest information dissemination must be timely and newly.  District Information Dissemination through mobile loud speaker: Project continues to work closely with Prey Chhor district to dissemination information through existing working group (DIDWG). PSOD work with Prey Chhor DIDWG to identify the topic to be disseminated such as Roles and responsibilities of DC BoG, Important of citizen participation, and Citizen’s rights. DIDWG work close cooperation with local authority at commune, CBO members to identify location/place, mobilize citizen to joint and explain citizen during dissemination in place. Citizen living in the rural and remote area in Kampong Samret village, Mein commune, Prey Chhor district very interested on role and responsibility of DC, BoG, citizens, domestic violence, and importance of participation.  DIDWG disseminate DC information in 5 time (rounds) in 14 difference places direct to 246 citizens and CBOs leader/members (144 women) at location identified such as market place, pagoda, Salabon (on Holy day).  ***please see the table of information dissemination:  No District Commune Village Participants Prey Chhor Total Female 1 Khrouch Samrung 15 8 2 Khrosang Tamong 16 9 3 Khrouch 27 18 4 Mein Trapeang Reang 18 10 5 Trapeang Leak 19 11 6 Kaoh Svay 12 7 7 Pring Bei Daeum 17 9 8 Trapeang Krasang 16 10 9 Trapeang Prash Dei Lou 15 8 10 Kampong Samret 26 16 11 Phkay Proek 15 8 12 Khlouy Ti Muoy 17 10 13 Ou Ta Nov 18 11 14 Nam Ken 15 9 Total 246 144 Commune Council (CC) dissemination information: During this period, all targets commune disseminate information to community people. 4 communes announce information on commune budget4 times during CS-PF, 26 communes disseminated information on communes achievements, budget/income and expenditures, bidding announcement, schedule of council monthly meeting on communes information board. 2 communes used loudspeakers supported by project PROCEED-I to broadcasting 16 time of election registration information in all villages to general communes. Through this broadcasting, the citizens hear and know the exact place and time of election registration. CC also discussed to assign the contact person for add in district information leaflet to open the access to information for citizen. The leaflet will be publish in quarter 3 of the report period. Outcome 1.2: Diverse citizens and grassroots civil society networks have collective voices and track key priorities across communes and districts Citizen Network establish at Kang Meas district Through facilitate and support from PSOD staff, 29 citizen representative including 15 females from 11 communes in Kang Meas District has formed as the district network through close consultation and recognized from the local authorities and partner NGOs in district level.  Through the presentation on the process and procedure of establish citizen network at district level by PSOD staff, citizen representative from 11 commune in Kang Meas district from various sectors agreed to establish a network at district level to be effective and recognized by the local authorities. The meeting has the key results as following:  -Documents the history of the establishment of the citizen network at district level,  -Identified the Vision, Mission, Objective and representation condition. -Agreed on specific activities theat network should be involve with council and implement with the Council and the Citizens Network. -Agreed on a structure with  1 chairman (lead by Mr. Chan Sovannroth), and 2/1F vice chairman (Mrs. Thai Sam Ol and Mr. Mov Khoeun),  -Prepared and documented a profiles and share to  district authority, and all network members.   CBO Network Meeting in Prey Chhor district Currently, there are 44 CBO Network members in Prey Chhor district with 18 females (including 3/3F youth). Through learning from last quarter, CBO network members hesitate to speak and express their ideas while district council staying there.  In this report period, CBO Network in Prey Chhor organized the quarterly meeting at Tamak Pagoda, Chrey Vean Commune in the purpose to Update and share result PROCEED II, share experience for conduct forum, orientation to CBO led forum and follow up the work plan and next action, As the results, the meeting receive as following:  -Learnt and gain experiences on how to lead CBO/citizen lead forum, -There are 6 issues rraised on electricity and birth certificates were priorities to raise at MD meeting which are mostly focus. -Updated the members of the network in each group (4 leave and 3 are new members) -Mr. Nov Sam Oeun requested council to disseminate the knowledge of vaccination in Prey Chhor commune.  -Identified the network representatives to participate in the district council monthly meeting.  -Aggreed on date to conduct CBO lead forum, and identifies the responsibility of network members.  -Developed plans to conduct AwR in the village, by communes  -Share information on CS-PF and also to take some responsibilities support to CS council to organize CS-PF, Deliver Module one training to citizen leaders: PSOD provided training on “Fundamental of Democratic Development and Citizen Engagement” to 24 (14 women) of selected citizen group and network’s leaders and members in Kong Meas district to increasing knowledge and skill on democratic development and citizen engagement in council activities/event. The main training topic are focusing on:  1.Overview of PROCEED II, 2.Concept of Democratic Development and Good Governance  3.Linkages of NP-SNDD, IP3-II and Social Accountability (ISAF),  4.Roles and Responsibility of councils in promoting citizen engagement 5.Citizen rights, roles and responsibilities in demand for responsive council  actions 6.Council Outreach activity 7.Council public forum 8.Mechanisms for Citizen engagement in council activities and Gender 9.Citizen to citizen awareness raisin Citizen Network Led Forum There is one CBO led forum conducted at Tong Rung Commune, Prey Chhor district on 18 August 2016. The forum conducted in the purpose to provide opportunity to citizen and marginalize groups to raise their issues and need and collect the priority issues to MD/CCs.  The key agendas are: 1).Purpose of forum, 2). Ground rules, 3). Open remark by network chief, 4). Question and Answer forum, and 5). Conclude the results and action plan. As the result of the forum lead by 13/6F citizen network leader in Prey Chhor district, there are 60/31F citizen and citizen network member participated. In order to consult and collect the challenges facing in the communities. Actually the forum found 6 issues as infrastructure, public service, health, commune budget, and electricity lake restoring.  After the meeting, the forum identified citizen representative to bring these issues to raise at district council monthly meeting.    Follow-up issues raised and address: PSOD did regulars follow-up and coach demand and supply to follow-up and respond to the issues promised by council formal and informal. Project staff also facilitate to have the reflection meeting with MD-JAAP, CS-JAAP, TRANSMIT focal point, CSs to discuss and take action on issues promise. As the result, there are … issue responded/addressed during this quarter: -MD-JAAP: 4 action taken, -CS-JAAP: 256 responded and solved, -TRANSMIT addressed 12 issues raised through technology, -COA: 38 issues and needs addressed/solve after COA conducted, (please find the detail in issues raised and addressed database) Outcome 1.3: Citizens actively raise their priorities to DC administrations and C/S councils and provide feedback on their performances and quality services MD council Public Forum Project have collaborated and coach both district council to conduct 4 public forums at district and commune level. There are 279 (78 or 28% female) engaged in the forums.  During the forum, there are 279 citizen (78 women) participant participated in the forum. There are 22 (3 female) citizen spoke to raise 31 question similarity which related to agriculture , water & sanitation, Infrastructure, electricity, education, health, land, NRM, public Service and migrants. Among 31 of issue raise, there were 4 of issues were addressed by district’s NCDD and district authority.  In this period, DC and BoG organized the public forum which engage from district’s NCDD, DC, BoD, and relevance stakeholders. Project observes that, Prey Chhor council prepare the forum very simple as the picture show. There is not chair, council and other department sitting on the floor at the pagoda. At Kang Meas conduct the forum at Salasrok in for the 1st event and change to conduct at the commune level in the second events. Council Monthly Meeting: During this period, MD and CS keep conducting council monthly meeting as plan, but no citizen engage in district meeting. PSOD observed only 1 time of council monthly meeting conducted at district level (Preychor). There are only one CBO participated. PSOD will put more attention to coach citizen and council to engage more citizen representative in the meeting in 2 district in the next quarter. Outreach Activities: Commune Council in Kang Meas and Prey Chhor district conduct 21 outreach activities with 1037/622F youth at school and citizen at villages level, including youth 928/547F. Outreach activities conducted in order to finding the demand and challenges which affected to education and standard of living every day of youth. COA conducted by using project budget with co-fund with commune budget  fund (105$). There are 123/78F citizen and youth speak to raise 130 issue, needs, and challenges. Through project follow-up, project found that, until now there are 38 issues and needs addressed/solve. Another remaining issues/needs have been integrated into the commune and school plan to be address in 2017. Commune Council Public Forum There are 4 commune council public forums conducted at Mean and Prey Chhor Commune in Prey Chhor district, and at Rokarkoy and Prekkoy commune in Kang Meas district with honor participated by 1 MD council and 2 MD governors, and agriculture officer. There are 304/137F citizen and citizen representative participated. Council public forum conducted in the purpose to provide opportunity to citizen and marginalize groups to raise their issues, demonstrate the raised issues and prepare the work plan to address the issues. As the result of 4 CS-PF, there are 22/12F citizen spoke to raise 27 issues related to as infrastructure, public service, health, commune budget, electricity, drugs, gambling, birth certificates, fishery criminal and safe water.  At that time, there are 22 questions have clarify by CS and MD and line officer and governors (agriculture officer, police, electricity representative and safe water and birth certificate officer). Mr. In Dara, commune council chief of Mean commune said that, “the forum is really useful for commune council because it reflect on the service providing. Moreover, it help commune council have opportunity to clarify on two specific issues which always happen are lack of birth registration certificates and illegal fishery which clarified and respond by governor and line officers.”  Council Monthly Meeting (MD/CS-MM) Project team supported 29/13F of CBOs in 6 district council monthly meeting in 2 districts. There are 6/4 citizen/CBO spoke to raise 6 issues, 4 issues/requested responded and clarified such as gangster, illegal fishery, public services (citizen not know district council), lack of water in the canal, gambling. (please see appendix of issue raised and addressed database) Monthly meeting at Kang Meas is opens for citizen engagement. council invites citizen to speak in the agenda of “Other”. District council listens to citizen speaking and refers issue to governor respond. Furthermore, deputy governor clarifies and respond to the issues raised by citizen during the meeting. District council admires citizen speak that, “That is good to have citizen speak in council meeting. I never see the citizen speak in council monthly meeting since I was here. Thanks you (citizen) for your speak”. He added that, “If the citizen want to speak or talk to me or someone (authorities), they can talk to me direct, or via phone, or inform me if they want to speak in the meeting”. District council encourage citizen representative to share the draft leaflets of district information to citizen to disseminate at the community. Thus, that citizen can know council and authority soon. District council chief and one member participated in CS-PF and CS-OA to observe, listen, and as speaker during their participation.  MD-scorecard (MD-CSC) PSOD and MD-JAAP committees conducted the meeting to reflection on district JAAP as the result for district score card that implemented in 2014. There are 23 (7 females) participants participated to review the action pending from previous year and discuss for action to address and respond. As the results, the meeting has agreed on the actions to respond as below:  -Revise and pubish the 3rd leaflet of district information to be disseminated to communities and villagers, -District council agreed to have meeting discussion with citizen network representative to identify tha strategy open for more citizen engagement and speak, -Disseminate the duties of district council through loud speakers, IEC - leaflet, information board, public forum, consulting, and have meeting in village and commune, -Commune council agreed to share council meeting schedule and activities plan (inculding meeting agenda, date, place) to citizen network throgh partner NGOs, -Integtrate remaining activities need budget to respond in CIP, ISAF (enrich ISAF result into CIP) PSOD cooperated with District accountability team to prepare and facilitate the CS JAAP committees reflection and follow-up meeting in  15 communes with 163/42F participants to follow up the status of CS-JAAP achievements and identify the action next for issues are not address and identify the issue and needs to integrate into commune investment plan (CIP) and district investment plan (DIP). 256 Issues and needs among 306 issues raise from 3 sectors (primary school, health center, and commune administration) in 2015 were addressed by each stakeholders, and the remaining action will be integrated into CIP and DIP.  Objective 2: Sub-national administrations address more citizen issues  Outcome 2.1: Sub-national administrations are knowledgeable and more responsive to citizen feedback and priorities Training and coaching to CBO After the training on Module I to MDs, CSs, and CBOs conducted in the 1st quarter. Project team continue coaching and alerted MDs, CCs, and CBOs to implement their plans as promise such as: council outreach activities, AwR, commune council public forum, develop and print district information leaflet, establish DIDWG, and develop district gender strategy. As the result of coaching, MD, CC, CBO are rolling out the activities as below: -MD conducted 1 outreach activities with students at school, -CCs conducted 11 outreach activities with students at school,  -CBOs conducted 16 awareness raising initiatives (AwR), -Kang Meas District facilitated their staff to developed and finalize the 1st district leaflet,  -CCs conduct 4 commune public forum,  -ang Meas disttict council agreed to establish  DIDWG and Gener strategy on the 1st week for November, Tracking and Sharing Multi-Sector Issues with Technology (TRANSMIT) PSOD work with 17/4F district council and governor and citizen representative and citizen focal point conduct a meeting to reflection on TRANSMIT status. The meeting focus on the key agendas as:  1.Discuss how to use TRANMIT program;  2.How check page:htt://pact.open.org.kh  3.iscussed update results, challenges, and respond of coucil to implementing the activities;  4.Follow-up status;  5.Challenges and solution; and 5). identify the action next.  As the result, the meeting assigned Mr. Kim Sophorn as the TRANSMIT focal point for Prey Chhor district and is a core person for answers the question on web. 12 out of 14 issues raised through TRANSMIT by CBO focal point were addressed by district governors and council. 2 issues erased due to they are issues testing only. Provide training to M/D administrations and C/S council PSOD provided training to 30 DC, BoG and CC  (4 women)   in Kong Meas district on “Fundamental of Democratic Development and Citizen Engagement” on 29-30 June 2016. The training are focus on the Topics as below: 1.Over view of PROCEED II, 2.Concept of Democratic Development and Good Governance  3.Linkages of NP-SNDD, IP3-II and Social Accountability (ISAF) 4.Roles and Responsibility of councils in promoting citizen engagement 5.Citizen’s rights, roles and responsibilities in demand for responsive council  actions 6.Council Outreach Activity 7.Council Public Forum 8.Mechanisms for Citizen engagement in council activities and Gender 9.Citizen to citizen awareness raising (topic to inform only) The training has honor participated from Mr. Cheng Samnang, Provincial Program Management Advisor of NCDD Kompongcham. Mr. Cheng Samnang clarified that, the training session is 100% follow and support to 10 year national of sub-national democratic development (NP-NSDP) and also have the Project Advisory Group (PAG) at the national level; he brief the history why project select Kang Meas district as the target district; the functional transfer from national to sub-national administrator; and finally, he encouraged DC and CC to work close cooperation with PROCEED-II implemented by PSOD. After training course DC , BoG and CC  had confident on their job to engage citizen in council activities. DC and CS did activities plan to pilot their knowledge. DC agree and request PSOD to provide support to develop DC’s leaflet as the model of Preychor district. (DC apply best practice from Preychhod district). DC also request project to support citizen awareness raising, and mobilize the citizen to engage in DC monthly meeting. The training produce fruit full of achievement and good to start for implement the project activities. DC and CC will work together to discuss the plan for conduct outreach activities and will send to project staff after finalize. There are 2 project staff take place as the trainers and observed by Mr. Morn Borina, Pact Senior Program and Gender Officer.  Outcome 2.2: Civil society and DC administrations and C/S councils influence national policy and practice around SNDD Through working with 2 districts with technical support from Pact, PSOD’s staffs has discuss with Prey Chhor district council chief and members to identify the recommendation related to implementation the law, functional transfer, and any guiding from national and/or sub nation level at district level. Birth registration and process of transfer fund related to constructing commune or district infrastructure are late and not in the right time. Budget has requested since January, however budget available for spending to start construction the infrastructure at June to September which is the raining season. These make the most of citizen complain every years. Mr. Meas Touk, Prey Chhor council chief participated in WGPD quarterly meeting to provide this feedback to national level through WGPD meeting. However, this feedback has been raised by Pursath municipal council chief so Mr. Meas Touk just support to the statement raise by Pursath municipal council chief and feedback on the ISAF budget implementation by district accountabilities committee, and MD-scorecard lead by PROCEED (PSOD and PACT) seem not understood by provincial council. He suggest to national level should provide guiding or orientation to provincial level to ensure district administration clear on how to apply any guiding.