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Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Project (ASRH)
From 01 Jan 2015 to Present: PSOD has been implementing Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health project (ASRH) through receiving funded support from Plan International Cambodia. The project goal is to contribute to the establishment of supportive environments where youths can fulfill their sexual and reproductive health rights. The objective is Rural and ethnic minority out of  school youth (ages 10-24) are empowered to make informed sexual and reproductive health (SRH) decisions and advocate for sustainable ASRH services. The project implements in 2 provinces (Tboungkhmum and Ratanakiri), 4 districts, 16 communes, and 208 villages. The target group and beneficiaries are Provincial Health Department (PHD), Operational Health District (OD), Health Center (HC) and drop out school adolescent ages from 10-24.
  1. Training on Adolescent Nutrition: PSOD cooperated with National Nutrition Program (NNP) and Provincial  Health Department (PHD) to provide Adolescent Nutrition training courses to Operational health district (OD) referral hospital (RH), health center’s staffs (HC) focus on the lack of nutrition, 3 groups of food, BMI standard, and adolescent needed during adulthood.
  2. Youth exposure visits to their local health center activity:  PSOD’s staffs closely communicated with KYA’s  staffs, health center’s staffs, and peer educators (PE) focus on the available time for counseling on reproductive health, Waiting room, Counseling room, Family Planning room, Medicine room and, ANC room…
  3. Coaching and supervision activity: PSOD closely cooperated with PHD/OD to provided coaching and  supervisions based on the checklist on the YFHS standard such as Health Facility Characteristics (distance, time availability for offering medical consultation and counselling), Health Centre staff Characteristic (friendly, support, confidentiality), and Program Characteristics (supplies, health service availability).
  4. Expanded outreach activity package to hard to reach village promoted for youths: PSOD closely  communicated  with health center staffs and village health support groups to provided awareness raising to youth such as: Counseling on family planning, Adolescent nutrition, Early pregnancy (under 18 age), Reproductive health and  Distributed Weekly Iron/Folic Acid.
  5. Strengthen client satisfaction feedback mechanisms: PSOD communicated with health center management  committee (HCMC) chief, CCWCs, health center’s chief, and youth/peer educators representative, As the result, throw HCMC quarterly meeting in purposes such as: To find the challenges between health providers and clients to get more confidential during they come and received health services on adolescent sexual reproductive health, and right…