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Aids Reduction in Kampong Cham Project (ARK)
PSOD has been implementing Aids Reduction in Kampong Cham Project (ARK) which is funded by Asian Community Trust (ACT). The overall goal of the project is to reduce HIV infections in entertainment workers, which in turn will reduce the number of AIDS cases. The project purpose is to provide skills and access to capital which can be used to create supplemental income for these women so that they can refuse unsafe sex and hopefully work towards escaping from the sex trade entirely. The project has been implemented in Kampong Cham town of Kampong Cham province. The beneficiary of ARK project is Entertainment Worker (EW) and it has been implementing in one town and one district in Kampong Cham province. The key stakeholders of the project include Provincial Health Department (PHD), Operational Health District (OD), PASP, Health Center (HC), Family Health Clinic (FHC), RHAC, SUN, NORAD, Entertainment Establishment Owners (EE owners), Department of Women Affair (DoWA) and Local Authority.  
  1. Baseline Study and Analysis
The project conducted Baseline study and analysis of target group to determine individual literacy, math and business skill capacity. This activity enabled the program to design training or teaching curriculum that fits to level of knowledge.
  1. Literacy (Khmer and Math) Teaching Class
Project staff collaborated with literacy and math teacher to regularly conduct Khmer Literacy and Math teaching class at EE venues and Smart Girl club. Through the class; EWs could read and write very well; especially; they could use their knowledge to improve their livelihood by doing small business, change career, etc. 
  1. Small Business Concept Training and Loan Grand Seeds
The training is to enable EWs get knowledge and think about starting home enterprise to increase their income and get away from working as EW. To support them to run small business; the project provide loan grant seeds with minimum interest rate for those EWs who meet the loan criteria. Through this innovation activity, there were many successful businesses and EWs stopped working and get away from their current job as Entertainment Worker.
  1. Communication Skill Training
Communication Skill training can help Entertainment Workers to be well communication with their colleagues, EE owners; especially clients. It is also helpful as it can change the way of dealing with other people. Through training activity, EWs could negotiate with their clients or partner for getting higher sexual service fee if they go out with them. Moreover, they are also able to talk to EE owners about salary or other benefit.  
  1. Saving Group
The project collaborated with staffs in SMART girl project to promote and encourage EWs to do saving. EWs can save money as much as possible and saving will be based in the locations where the EWs working. This activity could help EWs to minimize the risk of self-keeping money, avoid in dept. Moreover; they could use it to reach short term setting aspiration.