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Phnom Srey Organization for Development (PSOD) is a Cambodian non-governmental, and non-profit organization. PSOD was organized in reaction to problems of women and vulnerable in Cambodia that addressed HIV/Aids, Violence, Good governance, Migration, Child Protection, Child Right, Human Right, disaster, Water Sanitation, agriculture, Sexual Reproductive Health, Literacy, Gender and Gender mainstreaming, Drug Use, Education issue in Kampong Cham, Thbong Khmum, Stoeung Trang and Ratanak Kiri Province, PSOD was established in November 1998, with the aim of contributing to the development of Cambodia. The organization was registered with the Royal Government of Cambodia, Council of Ministers in January 1999 and with the Ministry of Interior in October 2000. On November 2010, its name was changed from Phnom Srey Association for Development (PSAD) to Phnom Srey Organization for Development (PSOD).

Cambodia has peace, equity and development with accountability.
works with national and international organizations, networks and government institutions to contribute social development through providing capacity building, promotion of child and youth rights, quality of public services, governance, health, water and sanitation, natural resource management, climate change adaptation, improving the livelihoods of the people, including the inclusive groups and resource mobilization.   Goal Improving community livelihood through strengthening ownership, full participation and effectively development.
Core Values
1.     Commitment: PSOD staff are willing to devote their energy and talents to be successful at work. 2. Accountability: PSOD is responsible for its activities and decisions, primarily for the communities it serves, as well as for government agencies, government, staff and volunteers, members, partners, and the general public. 3. Integrity: PSOD staff are honest, and good morality. 4. Cooperation: PSOD respects and values each other and works with partners to expand our network to work responsibly for the people. 5. None discrimination: PSOD for the Development of Citizenship Service, Non-discrimination, Disability, People Living with HIV/AIDS. 6. Initiative: PSOD is in accordance with a specific strategy or responsibility. Phnom Srey Organization for Development is still focused and committed to ongoing projects and carry out our work to the best of our ability. We do the next step without being told or asked to do it. 7. Responsiveness: PSOD develops expectations of the needs of beneficiaries and stakeholders in the target area. PSOD plan action to meet those needs with creative solutions